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Available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows. Get them now.

What is new in Fifa 20

We get used to a new FIFA game every year in September. This time is Fifa20 on the table and should be the best football simulator ever. This year we have a lot of changes in the game and a lot of new things. The game comes as usual on all major platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4. Off course Fifa Mobile will also receive a fresh update. Ok, let’s see exactly what is new this year.

Volta Football

This is a new mode where you get to play football in teams of 3v3 or 5v5 in the street. The locations are spread around the globe from Amsterdam, London, Barcelona to Tokyo. In the past years players required a mode like this or at least a new Fifa Street. This mode offers a lot of customization. First you get to choose the location of your game, different streets or even rooftops and customize them. Next you get to create your own character, male or female. You choose to play it online or offline. With the new strafe dribbling mechanic, you will enjoy lots of situations. You can even ply without goalkeeper, there are no injuries, cards or offsides.

Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs are also receiving improvements and greater customization. Everything from skin tones, goalkeeper gloves to commentary name will be fully customizable.

Career Mode

Here we have some interesting and welcomed changes. First of all, you can create your customizable manager, just like a normal player. You must choose wisely your decisions over the club as you will have to face the media and report to them, just like a real press conference. With your decisions you will modify the players morale. For example if you keep a good player three matches on the bench his morale and OVR ratings will decrease.

Fifa Ultimate Team

We know that Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in Fifa. Here you face other real opponents from around the globe and their top teams. To make a strong team you will need good players. A good player it is very hard to get thru normal packs. It is stated that there is a 4,4% chance to get a 85+ player in a premium gold pack. In this case you will need to buy a lot of packs from the FUT store. A re you ready to buy them to build your dream team?

What are Fifa Coins and Fifa Points?

FUT Coins and FIFA Points are the game main currency. They are used to buy different type of packs from the store. The game rewards you with these by completing different type of tasks and challenges. Even tough, the reward is not high enough for you to build a strong team. You will get small amounts of them and you will not be able to get good player. This means that you cannot compete with other players online. In this case a good news comes for you.

How to get free FUT Coins and FIFA Points?

At first you could say that this is not possible. I must tell, you are wrong. But if you don’t believe and want to buy them from the shop, please stop reading. For those of you that want to build a dream team know that there is a secret method top players are using. If you ever watched a top streamer on YouTube or Twitch, he open dozens of packs at once. Off course some of them are from sponsors, but most of them are from their own source. I can assure you they do not pay anything. This secret source I am going to show you below.

Fifa 20 Generator

Fifa 20 Generator is the secret method a lot of people is using to get free coins and point on their Fifa 20 game. You can buy unlimited packs and discover all the best players. Now that you know the method let’s see how it works. Basically Fifa 20 Generator is an online toll that can add different amount of coins and points to your game. This process is done in less than a minute and it does not require computer skills or files to download. Everything is done online and it even works on mobile devices. All you need to know is your PSN username / Gametag or Origin, after that the generator will do his job. Your game will be loaded and you can start spending.

Remember FUT Coin Generator can make a real difference between winning and losing. You will most certainly impress your friends when they will see what are you playing. This is not a cheat fifa 20 method is just a tool that you must use it as a companion. Whenever you need you call it and you get help.

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